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Our Winning Ad Formula

Research & Strategy

We conduct thorough research on your brand and market, gathering valuable insights. With these insights, we generate creative concepts and angles, crafting them into compelling direct response scripts.


We bring your scripts to life with our talented creative team and native creators who align perfectly with your target audience.


We review the final creative assets and add them on the creative roadmap, where they are ready to be launched.

Optimize & Scale

We continuously analyze real-time data to craft new concepts and iterations, constantly optimizing creative performance to ensure the best possible results.


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How it works

Creative brief

What message do you want your assets to convey?

Content selection

Facebook ads, Branded content, Tiktok ads, Website, Amazon product page

Creators selection

We handpick and vet the top 1% of content creators in your niche

Creators influencers

Your products are shipped to the influencers and branded content is created

What Our Happy Clients Say

Super super great communication! Rachelle really gives it her best, she's flexible, open to feedback and easy to work with. We got the content we wanted 🙂


Rachelle was fantastic throughout the entire gig. The communication with her was great, she was very patient with all my requests and created the exact ugc video that I needed. Definitely one of the best ugc creators on fiverr. Thank you Rachelle!


Communication with seller was excellent. The service was as described and delivered on time. I am happy with everything. I would buy again and recommend the seller.


Rachelle is GREAT at talking to a camera. This is half the battle with creating decent UGC and she delivered in spades. She read all our brief instructions throughly and took revision feedback well, too. We're really happy with the result. Definitely consider Rachelle for your next UGC ad!

What services does Prosperity Marketing Inc. offer?

Prosperity Marketing Inc. specializes in three core services: UGC ads and licensing, creative strategy for TikTok and Meta ads, and organic content creation and strategy.

How can UGC (User-Generated Content) benefit my brand?

UGC is a powerful tool as it showcases authentic experiences with your brand, fostering trust and credibility. It often resonates more with audiences, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

What is the process for licensing UGC for advertising purposes?

Our licensing process involves obtaining legal permission from the content creators to utilize their user-generated content for your advertising campaigns. This ensures compliance and authenticity in your marketing efforts.

How long does it take to see results from TikTok and Meta ad strategies?

The timeframe for results can vary based on various factors, including campaign objectives and audience targeting. Typically, initial insights may be visible within the first few weeks, with more substantial results manifesting over time.

Do you provide tailored strategies for different industries?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on crafting customized strategies aligned with each client’s industry, target audience, and unique brand identity.

What distinguishes UGC ads from traditional advertising methods?

UGC ads leverage the power of user-created content, offering a more authentic and relatable approach compared to traditional ads. They resonate better with audiences, often leading to higher engagement and conversions.

Can I use UGC for both online and offline marketing campaigns?

Absolutely! Once you acquire the rights, you can utilize UGC across various marketing channels, including online platforms, print media, events, and more.







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